About Me

I am an independent fully qualified DSA instructor. That means a green badge holder. I teach in a Ford Fiesta with manual gears. I have been teaching for over 15 years now so know exactly what the examiners expect from my learners. I try to keep my hours of teaching to a maximum of 25 per week as I feel this really benefits my pupils and ensures I can give them all the attention they deserve.

I have a fresh way of thinking and believe I make every lesson memorable with some of the daft ways I have of making my pupils remember certain situations. I am probably the most relaxed person you will ever meet, I have been very rarely shocked by anything my pupils do. Head-butting the window when checking the blindspot has to be one of my favorites! Mistakes happen, no point stressing about them.

I pride myself on the way I handle my nervous pupils, nothing better than seeing someone's confidence grow - very satisfying. All I want is to teach my pupils to drive defensively and keep themselves safe on today's hectic roads. Safe driving for life not just for the test. I also appreciate it is a very expensive process and do my very best to get you remembering points from every lesson to help ensure the whole process is cost effective.

Give me a call, have a chat, interview me. Remember it's your choice, make it a good one.

Karen's Driving Car - Fiesta