Become An Instructor

Now couldn't be a better time to become a driving instructor. Demand for lessons is at a record high in all areas.

There is no better feeling then helping someone achieve their goal to learn or improve their driving. The job can be eventful and you will learn something new every day. This means it’s a great career choice to keep you interested, as no two days are ever the same.

The benefits I enjoy, as do most of my colleagues in the industry, are:-
  • Being your own boss - you can choose how you do your job.
  • Choosing the hours you want to work, to suit your life - sometimes I don’t mind working Sundays, the roads can be very quiet, sometimes I want to start at 7am. You take on pupils who suit your diary.
  • Take holidays as I want and when I want, always a bonus.

There are lots of different approaches to becoming a driving instructor, but ultimately it involves passing 3 tests for the DVSA - more about this here:

I passed in 2007, following in my dad’s footsteps as he is also an instructor. The tests have evolved since then and I believe for the better - role play with a senior examiner pretending he couldn’t drive was not fun, at all! I wanted to go into instructor training as I have been training pupils for over 15 years and liked the idea of a new challenge and felt I would be suited to this.

My best and honest advice for the path you take is to simply find a trainer you get on with! The journey can be long and will be very daunting at times. You need to want to get the tests passed ASAP and you really want to enjoy the learning process. How long will this take? You shouldn’t expect it to be quick, but you want to aim to pass each test first time as this will shorten the process and reduce the cost significantly. This can be done with good training from the very start. You can’t cut any corners I’m afraid.

ADI / PDI Driving Instructor Training

The ADI / PDI training I provide has been developed by industry experts who have over 30 years’ experience in this field and uses all the latest coaching methods required. I have used this platform myself to develop my skills and incorporate it into my everyday training.

The pricing for instructor training often seems complex to me, never mind you. I aim to charge just for the time I spend training you. With me there is no complicated contract to sign, my prices are as straightforward as I can make them, and you can stop training anytime you like, circumstances can change, I understand. The tests themselves are payable to the DVSA and these prices can be found at:

I’m sure you will look and compare 10 or more companies offering training and various packages and I’m sure you will be scratching your head, it can even put some people off choosing this career path. What I want to offer is a simple approach tailored to the trainee as every person is different and has different needs.

To start off, I would meet up with any new potential trainees and have a coffee and a short drive to make sure we are a good fit. Like I said earlier, it is so important that you enjoy your training. We have to be compatible in terms of our approach and goals, and we need to be on the same page and ensure the days and times for training work for us both.

Working As A Driving Instructor

Once you have qualified with me, there are various ways I can help you start up your business and find work. I do work as a driving instructor but there are people who contact me looking for lessons that I can’t help as there aren’t enough hours in the day! I also have various contacts in the industry who can supply you with work. I currently help teach Driver Training for the Ministry of Defence - that is an avenue that could be explored for you also. It is very rewarding. You will also find your own work very quickly with the right help. Once you are a few months in, word of mouth will be your secret weapon as with any good instructor.


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